Tiny Notebook

Hello Bloggers,

I made this tiny little notebook the other day, and eventually found it cute enough to share it with the world :)

Marianne Design Lr0162 Lr0257 Lr 0271 Lr0133 Nellie Snellen FLP029
Marianne Design Lr0162 Lr0257 Lr 0271 Lr0133 Nellie Snellen FLP029

Simple as it is, it still offers a couple of ideas that crafters may find useful.
One is the up-cycling idea – the thin lilac ribbon comes … from a blouse I bought a while ago. You know how they make ribbon loops on the insides of the shoulders to hold the piece hanging neatly. Sometimes you just don’t need them anymore once the piece is in your wardrobe. But I liked the color :) The green twine that holds the pages together is up-cycled from a tag on the plastic package of some scented sticks… if I remember correctly. :) Well, I have a whole jar of this kind of left-overs from everywhere. :)

Another idea is double-sided paper for flowers. My flowers here clearly show both sides of their petals. I found paper with two different colors on the sides. No patters, just plain colors.


  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0162 English Rose
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0257
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr 0271 Anja’s Vintage Swirls
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0133 Open Flower Classic
  • Nellie Snellen Floral Punch Medium Set FLP029 Rose Leaf

Sending you Flowers

Thanks for stopping by!



5 thoughts on “Tiny Notebook

  1. Great creation Lena, I too hoard all those ribbons from cloths, come is so useful.

    Many thanks for joining in my recycling theme at Allsorts this week.

    B x


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